20 Dec 2022

Have you ever been part of a special club at a store you love to shop at? You might have definitely earned redeemable coupons at some point after shopping at a store. Sparkle Privilege Club is all that and more. 

What is the Sparkle Privilege Club?

Sparkle Privilege Club is a patented AI-powered Rewards program that gives members a personalized, rewarding experience in their day-to-day shopping. You essentially get privileges for shopping; and not at any single store but over 50+ businesses across Trivandrum. The Sparkle Privilege Card makes you a privileged member, entitled to assured discounts & periodic redeemable rewards that gets better after each purchase.

The Sparkle Privilege Club has an expanding network of enterprises partnered with the Sparkle Rewards Program powered by MSGR Rewards, ready to give you discounts on every single bill though the discounts and benefits vary with the enterprise. 

Need a beauty makeover? Visit a beauty salon which is part of the Sparkle network to get the makeover but at a discount that regular customers cannot avail. 

Planning a dine out? Visit any restaurant in the Sparkle network for assured discounts and even freebies.

Want to book a new car? Visit car dealerships in the Sparkle network for exciting benefits including flat discounts on new cars.

How the Sparkle Privilege Club Is Taking the Thrill of Shopping to a Whole New Level?

The whole idea behind Sparkle is a simple concept of making shopping experiences better, benefiting both the consumer and the business a consumer chooses to shop at. As a consumer, you get benefits including discounts, vouchers and more for each shopping transaction with any enterprise in our network while the business benefits from giving you and other Sparkle Privilege Club members great shopping experiences. 

The Sparkle Network will keep expanding, adding more businesses to our network. And that means more benefits at more shopping destinations. 

As a Sparkle Privilege Club member, you:

1. Get instant access to privileged shopping bonuses.

2. Get notified about new offers and events. 

3. Get special periodic membership bonuses.

So how do you join the Sparkle Privilege Club you ask?

While browsing our website, simply navigate to the “Rewards” tab and tap “Buy A Card”. The Membership Sign Up process will begin. Pay a one-time membership fee including Sparkle Privilege Card charges of Rs. 1000 and give your details. Enter the OTP received and the sign up will be complete. 

You are a privileged member of the Sparkle programme with shopping benefits that will last an entire year. 

With or without Sparkle, you WILL be spending a lot on shopping, dine-outs and leisurely activities? Why not do all that at discounted prices at the most popular retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants?

Join Our Club & Experience Shopping With Benefits!