About Us


Privileged, Personalized Shopping Experience

The Sparkle Privilege Club is a patented Rewards program powered by a unique AI solution. The idea of Sparkle stemmed from a simple question.

“Can saving just Rs. 30 mean something when you purchase for Rs. 300 a day every month?”

We believe it does in the long run. Imagine spending a decent amount of money shopping for necessities, dining out with your loved ones and more activities every month. Wouldn’t it be great if you get a special discount or other rewards every time you spend on such activities?

That is where Sparkle shines. A one-time budget-friendly registration with Sparkle makes you a member of our Privilege Club, granting you bonuses for your monthly spends on dining, shopping, medical bills & more throughout an entire year.

Each month, new partner establishments will be added to the already expanding Sparkle network, giving our members discounts and rewards for each transaction at these places - including restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and even resorts near you.

A super affordable yearly membership is all it takes to get privileged discounts and rewards at the most happening places around you across Kerala.

Who We Are

Innovation is at our heart. Societal development is our target.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who developed a unique, sparkling idea to enable businesses to give more back to their consumers without compromising on profits. While the consumers save more on their purchases, businesses thrive by giving them privileges.

Our Vision

To counter the rising price hike by establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between businesses and ordinary consumers.

Our Mission

To become the go-to “Club of Privileges” for ordinary people where they can save more every time they spend on social activities.