28 Mar 2023

Looking for some good and cooler perks while you shop? In TODAY’S market, a handy and flexible rewards card option is something you can consider without much trouble. After shopping you give your rewards card and then you avail your personalized discounts and benefits. Launched in December 2022, Sparkle Privilege Card has over 500+ customers with 60+ sparkle privilege partners. You get bigger discounts and  redeemable rewards for shopping, dining and even hospital visits. Let’s find out some of the top 5 perks of being a Sparkle Privilege Card holder.

  1. Discounts and Benefits 

The basic perks of using a rewards card like Sparkle is all about reasonable discounts and beneficial rewards. Discount privileges vary from store to store. In big chain restaurants like Zam Zam, you get a 5% discount on all orders above Rs 2000. In Baskin Robbins outlet, you get a discount of 15% on the total bill value. We have partnered with big giants like Lulu Funtura, MRA, Thakkaram etc. Come with your family for a grand feast and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Personalized Services

You buy a card, then your offers are personalized. You get customized recommendations before you get to shop. Our offers vary as per special days and other important events. You will get information about several offers and discounts.

  1. Complimentary Services

Apart from availing discounts, you may also receive certain complimentary services. For example, free beauty consultations and extra discounts on festivals. When such discounts are given to customers, there will be more rush to the outlets.

  1. VIP Access 

When you become a sparkle privilege card member, you are partnered with our loyalty partners. You get special privileges and VIP access to events organized by the particular outlets. For example, there’s a food fest organized by a store that is already a sparkle partner and as a sparkle member you get VIP access to their offers. You stand out from the crowd. 

  1. Customer Communication

Through this rewards program, you get to know your customers well. You get to communicate with them more effectively. You can collect their interests, likes and dislikes and use them for personalization of discounts. 

These are some of the perks you may get when you purchase our Sparkle Privilege Card. We offer special discounts and bonuses and customize our rewards as per the likes of the customer. Through the usage of privilege cards like Sparkle, a business gets to retain their old customers and at the same time brings a new bunch of customers. In today’s world, everyone wants to save money and such rewards cards are a blessing. Go to and click the option to buy the card by paying a nominal amount. After payment, the card is activated and enjoys an endless shopping spree for a full year.